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Test Development
Manufacturing Control
Test Development Service - Platform Migration, Multi-site Testing

Test cost too high? We have very experienced test development team to help you reduce your test cost through test optimization, single site testing to multi-site testing conversion or tester platform conversion, especially in Mixed Signal and Analog testing. Our staff are familiar with major tester platforms, such as Teradyne, LTX, TMT, ETS, DTS, PFT, MCT.

We offer complete package on test development, which include test design, hardware fabrication, software development and test package documentation.  Our staff will also perform test package installation at customer site, correlation and acceptance buy-off with customers.

The test development group provides services in the following areas:

  • Single site testing to multi-site testing
  • Tester platform migration
  • Test time optimization
  • Consultancy for test program development
  • Correlation and characterization of devices

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